Mat Leave Spotlight: Monica Torres

We asked Monica Torres, Prodigy’s Marketing and Design Lead, to talk about what it was like to share her news about her pregnancy and what it was like to tell her company about going on maternity leave. Continue reading to see Monica's full interview.

  • Q: Can you share some of the highlights?
    A: The biggest highlight was the surprise virtual baby shower that my colleagues organized for me. They put so much time and effort into doing something special for me, and I will be forever grateful. It would’ve been nice to do it in person, but with the current COVID-19 restrictions safety comes first, and we were still able to play games, laugh, celebrate and spend time with each other virtually.
  • Q: How did you feel about sharing your plans with your colleagues about taking maternity leave?
    A: As a first time mom, I think it’s natural to feel a little nervous about sharing the news. I didn’t know what to expect and was unsure when or how I should bring up the news. Working from home and not being able to tell them in person because of COVID also posed additional uncertainty. However, after asking some friends, family and my doctor I chose a day, told my colleagues, and was happy to hear everyone’s excitement and best wishes for me and my baby.
  • Q: How did you feel about the process of requesting maternity leave? Was it easy, hard, long, etc.? Were all of your questions answered?
    A: I felt it was very easy. Likely easier than I originally expected. I was also very grateful to the HR team for answering all my questions clearly and promptly. I always knew I could reach out to them at any point if I had any other questions or concerns.
  • Q: How do you feel being able to take a year of leave to spend it with your new child and spouse?
    A: I feel like one of the luckiest people on earth. I know of many countries, including my home country, where maternity leave lasts 4 months or less. Living in Canada and working in a company that makes you feel secure in your job is wonderful.
  • Q: Do you feel secure in knowing you will be returning to your job after maternity leave?
    A: Yes, I do. After I shared the news with my supervisor and colleagues, I was constantly reminded that my job would be there when I decided to come back.
  • Q: Are you aware of Prodigy's inclusion and diversity initiatives? If so, please share your thoughts.
    A: Yes, I am. For a while now Prodigy has made diversity a priority, it’s engrained in our core beliefs as a company and although it’s an on-going process, it has already made great strides in the right direction.

Here at Prodigy, we would like to congratulate Monica on the birth of her daughter Ayla. We are happy that she is taking this opportunity to be spending time with her daughter during her maternity leave. Thank you for giving us a better insight on the maternity leave process at Prodigy. We are looking forward to your return!