Software Development Careers in Toronto

When an economic giant like Bloomberg announces to the world Toronto's position as one of the world's top technology hubs, the world tends to stand up and pays attention. But what exactly is it about Toronto that has drawn in so many leaders in the industry and caused them to invest in this metropolis? How well are software development careers really going in Toronto? Here's a solid look at what you can expect from the tech market in Toronto as a whole.

A Glance at Mobile Development Careers in Toronto

An extremely conservative estimate by one staffing agency found that of the 11,500 tech jobs they staffed that were created in Canada last year, Toronto took an overwhelming majority of them at 5,000 new jobs, with Montreal following at a distant second with 2,000 jobs created. But how does that compare to the numbers in the industry as a whole? In 2017 alone, Toronto added an astounding total of 28,900 tech jobs to the city's employment options, topping 2016's tech job growth by 14% and showing a 5-year total growth of 52%.  That's more than San Francisco, Washington DC and Seattle combined.

What is Toronto doing differently than other cities to promote this level of growth? The city is taking steps to ensure the development of young talent, with very strong computer science programs available at the University of Toronto and University of Waterloo. These programs provide a strong incubator for new professionals in the field, providing them with the tools they need to be able to remain in the area once they've completed their education. International programming competitions have Toronto students working successfully against the best that MIT, Stanford and Harvard can offer.

Beyond simple education and opportunity, Toronto has worked hard to develop a unique, hip culture for younger professionals to give them even more reasons to stay put once they've found a job. Lower cost of living than Vancouver, public transportation recognized as the best in North America and a solid safety record go a long way to creating an urban environment that makes people want to stay and put down roots.

What About iOS Development Careers in Toronto?

Though there are often a slightly smaller number of iOS development jobs available on Toronto's job boards when compared to Android opportunities, the several hundred jobs available on a daily basis make it very easy for a dedicated professional to find the right fit for their personality, work style and skill set. As our world goes through digitization, we're seeing a switch in the way that we work, and that includes the opportunities that are available in Toronto. Whether you prefer to find a full-time position at a company that provides you with a great range of benefits or a contract position that keeps your schedule flexible and your interest on the work at hand, you'll be able to find a number of opportunities that fit your idea of a good position in this city.

Don't Forget Options in Android Development Careers in Toronto!

Because Android has an open-market approach to the Play Store setup, there are more opportunities available most days in Android development versus iOS development. This is reflected in a few dozen to a few hundred more jobs available on a daily basis in Toronto in this particular area of specialty. If your experience and education has reflected this area of mobile development, this can translate into more opportunities at more companies, giving you a wider selection to choose from in this diverse, well-educated community. With over 5,200 startups calling Toronto home, the options for savvy mobile developers are virtually limitless.

Whichever side of the mobile development coin you happen to fall on, there's no doubt that Toronto provides a huge range of opportunities. But what if you want to find the right job without having to spend a lot of time in the field trying to locate that job? Fortunately, you have options available. Prodigy Labs is committed to helping tech professionals realize their full potential. Why not learn a little more about our company or check out our job boards to see what we can do to help take your career to the next level?