Women Are Increasingly Becoming a Powerful Force in the Tech Industry

It is an exciting time for women in the tech industry as they become an increasingly powerful force, bringing their own education, skills, creativity and work style to the workbench.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has become such an attractive industry for up-and-coming Canadian women in the workforce today due to reasons that include high salary, job security, flexibility, variety and the ability to find meaning in their work.

How Many Women Are Working in the Canadian Tech Industry?

According to the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC), women comprise roughly 25 to 27 per cent of staff for the Canadian ICT sector. As women increasingly pursue STEM studies at earlier points in their education today, the pipeline into technology and communications becomes more linear and focused than it was only a decade ago.

Far beyond ICT-specific businesses, more businesses than ever rely on ICT workers who enter the front door wielding education, updated and sharpened skills, and an eye toward innovation and off-grid thinking when necessary.

Women have taken note and are ready to come on board to share their abilities in the growth-oriented tech industry.

Programs, Charities and Foundations Welcoming Women into the ICT World

Employers, recruiting firms, educational institutions and charitable organizations understand the benefits of tapping into the talent of women in ICT. With a looming tech staffing shortage of around 220,000 skilled workers in Canada—set to hit critical mass by 2020—it is vital for industry insiders to foster women’s interest and aptitude in this crucial discipline.

There are several foundations and charities that have developed programs and opportunities for women to launch, continue and enhance their coding education. Take a look at just a few ways for women to earn the skills needed for peak readiness in the tech world:

  • SheHacks Hackathon. Hosted by the Women in Technology Society at Western University, and taking place in Southwest Ontario, SheHacks is the largest all-women's Hackathon. The coding and design marathon focuses on one primary goal: ideate and bring to life a solution. Over the course of 12 hours, attendees experience cooperation and become exposed to cutting-edge ideas, skills and possibilities.

  • hEr VOLUTION. Based in Toronto, hEr VOLUTION serves to mentor young women from underserved communities to become the next generation of women in STEM. The team works with community business leaders to understand the present and foreseeable future needs in ICT while also working with the young women to help them obtain and nurture necessary knowledge and skills to eventually work in those environments with confidence and success. The team’s efforts include offering summer programs, donating computers and offering ongoing daily support to young women focusing on STEM and tech.

  • #BalanceForBetter IWD 2019. Women in Communications Technology (WCT) and The London Club Speaker Series are set to host an inspirational session to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) entitled #BalanceForBetter. While the official itinerary has not yet been released, this event is sure to offer insights and inspiration.

The Doors Continue to Open Wider for Women Who Have a Professional Passion for Technology

The need for talented candidates in the field of technology is not going to diminish, or even slow down, in the coming years. If anything, ICT needs will only increase at a lightning pace. Whether focusing on placement in an app development firm or recruitment into a marketing agency that wants to boost digital outreach, Canadian businesses need high-caliber ICT workers to help ease the tech staffing shortage on the horizon.

Our Team Can Help You Gear Up for Success in the Tech Industry

Technical people will be crucial in satisfying the employment needs of businesses throughout Canada in the coming years. Our team can help you determine the right position and path for you. Further, we will help make sure you have all the education and skills required to secure the tech job of your dreams.

We look forward to talking to you about your professional ICT goals and how we can help you achieve them.