Working at a fast growing tech company

In November 2017, Deloitte celebrated the 20th anniversary of its annual Technology Fast 50™ program. The fresh and rapidly growing Canadian companies who made it onto the 2017 roster had experienced a 74 percent growth rate increase since 2016, and there is no sign that this sector is slowing down. If you are pondering a career with a fast growing tech company, these are the types of organizations you will encounter in your search.

Perhaps you have worked at a mobile app development startup or for a huge software engineering corporation? Today, as you ponder your options in finding the best way to work for a company that focuses on disruptive technologies that the public craves, a fast growing tech organization is precisely where you want to land.

The Core Benefits of Working for an On-the-Rise Tech Company

Looking back to the end of 2015, IT World Canada predicted the ever-expanding need for IT professionals like software engineers, systems testing technicians, and web designers and developers.

The same holds true today. With the amazing array of new tech gadgets and innovations like wearables, mobile device upgrades, payment platforms, video venues, AR and 3D, tech firms need people who want  to innovate, as well as the discipline and talent to add individual insights and tangible value to the organization.

Challenges That Spur Your Own Personal Growth in a Fast Growing Tech Environment

Every work environment offers its own challenges that push you to grow beyond your own advanced education and professional experience. Take a look at a few of the unique challenges that await you when accepting a position as an engineer or developer with a tech company on-the-move:

  • The Upward Trajectory Requires a Tricky Balancing Act. Thoughtful and dedicated tech leaders at rapidly growing tech firms work diligently to strike the right balance between available resources and the needs of employees, as reported by Forbes. Most importantly, the best firms understand that fostering a culture that employees believe in helps to create a sustainable business model.
  • Everyone Needs to Stay on Their Toes to Pivot-and-Shift. There is rarely, if ever, a dull moment in today’s technology environments when catering to businesses that include banks, retailers, startups, automotive, B2C and B2B. Everyone needs to be ready to switch up, as needed.
  • Proactivity Wins Over Reactivity Every Time. Thinking several steps ahead of problems is crucial when it comes to thriving in today’s tech organizations. Tech businesses need talent that uses a solution-oriented approach to tasks to avoid late-stage issues and scrambling that could lead to release delays and customer disappointment.

It Takes a Special Combination of Qualities and Skills to Grow and Thrive in a Fast Growing Tech Firm

Tech firms quickly marking their distinct spot in mobile app development and software engineering need IT staff with a dynamic combination of hard and soft skills. With this approach, organizations can align their overriding vision with core productivity requirements to keep customers, shareholders and other interested parties satisfied.

It is often a delicate balance for executives, management and human resource staff to build and nurture such an environment, so it makes sense that they carefully search for capable IT professionals who offer the ideal blend of the carefully considered attributes that will enhance their business’s path to success each day and into the future.

The tech world is brimming with career growth opportunities in areas that include mobile web development, digital identity, payments,  voice assistant app development, blockchain, and more, so there is definitely room for a wide variety of talented technical professionals in the industry.

Fundamental technical skills needed to work effectively in a firm working on engineering and development projects include things like relevant computer languages, error handling experience, expertise in cross-platform solutions and integrated development environments.

Soft Skills That Forge a Healthy Bond Between IT Talent and Employers

Like most healthy work environments, it is important that you bring more to the table than your list of job responsibilities. Basic soft skills carry considerable weight in this environment, and they include the following:

  • Adaptability and flexibility to meet task and project deadlines
  • Organizational and multitasking skills to handle stacks of work coming from multiple directions at once
  • Interpersonal skills to foster healthy working relationships
  • Problem solving and analytical skills to see problems ahead of the curve and work out solutions to avoid those problems
  • Open-minded and free-thinking capabilities for times when "out-of-the-box" scenarios arise
  • Communication abilities via writing, telephone and person-to-person
  • Active listening skills to instill collaborative confidence among colleagues
  • Presentation skills, whether one-on-one or one-to-a-group
  • Negotiation skills and confidence to stand up for projects in order to get needed resources and support

Learn More About Working for a Fast Growing Technology Company

Does working at a growth-rich Toronto technology company sound like the right fit for your professional goals? We hope you might explore our career opportunities page to see what piques your interest.